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Mind the Gap

Bishop Helen-Ann explores the gaps in our discipleship

Another large crowd gathered in St Peter's Cathedral Centre last night as we celebrated week 2 of The Feast winter lecture series. On this occasion we were delighted to welcome Bishop Helen-Ann to present her thoughts on the gaps we encounter in discipleship - the 'underdetermined' spaces that we are so often called to. 

Through a combination of art, poetry and humour the Bishop challenged us to be more aware of the gaps in the world and the spaces in which we feel disconnected. These are the gaps not only between us and the world we live, but also the perceived gap between us and God. Sometimes that is felt as isolation or abandonment, but it is always an invitation to get closer to God; for indeed, nothing can separate us from the love of God. Nevertheless, the infinity and the "inscrutability" of God underscore the mystery we are confronted with in trying to know. So there is always a dynamic tension in our relationship with God. For while we encounter God through Jesus Christ (the ultimate "gap filler") we are always conscious of the "unknowability" of God. And yet Jeremiah 23 adds: "23 Am I a God near by, says the Lord, and not a God far off? 24 Who can hide in secret places so that I cannot see them? says the Lord. Do I not fill heaven and earth?"

Indeed, we know that God is our beginning and our end and that puts us somewhere in the middle. And, the middle is precisely where discipleship commences - as +Helen-Ann says, if you wondering where to begin, "you've simply got to plunge in." 
The Bishop's presentation was extraordinarily rich and we commend the forthcoming recording to you and your communities for further reflection.

God you call us to the gaps,


Not because you are not there,

But because we should be.

Give us the desire to go into those gaps,

Knowing that you are either side of us.

Noli timere - Do not be afraid!

For your God is with you.

Always and forever.



* All of The Feast presentations are being recorded and will be made available in the fullness of time. 


Story Published: 25th of May - 2016

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