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Day 5

Taken for granted

I need to find a book. It’s a truly outstanding book about the place of friendship, hospitality and community in ministry. You should read it. I often recommend it to people pursuing their vocation as a text to consider and review. It is called Friendship at the Margins: Discovering Mutuality in Service and Mission, and it is by Christopher L. Heuertz and Christine D. Pohl. After a number of frustrating minutes in front of the bookcase, I look for the CTRL + F key and discover that my shelving does not have a keyboard installed. That’s strange, I’m sure there was a keyboard here a moment ago …

I still haven’t found the book, but I have stopped looking for the keyboard.

It is strange how we can become so accustomed to something that it becomes a part of our unconscious expectation. It’s not until it’s missing that we suddenly appreciate it and perhaps how much we take it for granted. My brief hunger-driven delusion has reminded me that for 767 000 000 people food is not a standard feature of their day, even although I take it for granted in mine.  

So I ask myself, what sustains those people? Where does their hope come from? What is their consolation? For Christians it is the Word of God; indeed, none of us can live on bread alone.

“Yahweh is near to the broken–hearted, he helps those whose spirit is crushed.” [1]

For hungry people hope is a gift. For those who believe they have everything they need, hope can easily become another commodity.

Many people in New Zealand enjoy a comfortable existence and can access all the resources required to live a long life. A number of those people see no need for religion because they have everything they need. Our vocation as Christians is to find the story that opens people’s eyes to the Good News and our true needs. Our challenge is to make the connection between the Kingdom values that most people agree on and the King who gave them to us. Once that connection is made the Kingdom will come.

So, how do you proclaim the Gospel? How do you share the Good News with others?

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[1]The New Jerusalem Bible., Includes indexes., Ps 34:18 (Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday, 1995, c1985).

Story Published: 16th of March - 2018

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