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In most Parishes there are two wardens: a People's Warden (appointed by the people) and a Vicar's Warden (appointed by the Vicar). Where there is no Vicar the Bishop will appoint a "Bishop's Warden". 

The Wardens have specific functions detailed in the legislation below. However, in practical terms they also act as key church leaders and as advocates for both clergy and congregations.

(1) It shall be the duty of the Churchwardens, either themselves or by delegation to others -
(a) To collect the offerings of Church services and immediately after each service attest the amount collected in the Vestry Book to be kept for the purpose in the Vestry of the Church building and see that the monies are banked;
(b) To provide for the accommodation of the congregation in the Church building;
(c) To preserve order in the Church building and Church grounds during the services in the Church.
(d) To have the care of the Church building, its furniture, fittings and other contents, and in a Parish to exercise this duty in conjunction with the Vicar.
(e) To provide at the expense of the Parish bread and wine for Holy Communion.
(f) At least once in each year to inspect or cause to be inspected the Church building, Parish hall, Vicarage and all other Parish buildings and property and to report to the Vestry all repairs required thereto and to boundary fences and to provide for the execution of all repairs authorised by the Vestry.
(g) To take custody for the books and records of the Parish and to ensure that Archives are properly housed.
(h) To present to the Annual General Meeting of the Parish a report of the proceedings of Vestry during the previous financial year.
(i) To record annually and to forward to the Diocesan Registrar Manager no later than 31 December in each and every year schedules of all trusts and the trustees of such trusts of which the Parish is a beneficiary, all untagged bequests received, and all other income under the direct control of the Parish. 

Extract from the Parishes Statute 2009

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